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What buyers and sellers want in an estate agent with Brilliant Real Estate Moraira Costa Blanca Spain.

26 March 2018

What buyers and sellers want in an estate agent

As an estate agent you have to develop many skills. One of the most important is your ability to build a rapport with people, and attract them to your services. Whether you're talking to potential sellers or buyers, you'll know how important it is to approach each conversation in the right way to convince a potential client that you're the right agent to support their selling or buying efforts.And this is exactly what we understand at Brilliant Real Estate Moraira Costa Blanca Spain.

But have you ever stopped and thought about what buyers and sellers are looking for in their estate agent?

With years of experience in the property market, dealing with thousands of agents over the years, the Kyero team has seen which ones have been the most successful – and why. Here are our insights into the traits that are deemed most important.

What buyers look for in an estate agent

Get buyers to warm to you early on, and you'll have a much better chance of closing the deal down the line.

Buyers are looking for:

Someone they trust

If you can demonstrate your integrity and answer all questions honestly and openly, your potential buyers will be much more at ease with you. This will also mean they're happier to trust you when it comes to the trickier aspects of the purchase, such as negotiating the price.

Someone that is knowledgeable

Buyers are likely to have a lot of questions for you – especially international buyers. Questions about the property, about the local area, local schools, community, restaurants, jobs. By making sure you know as much as possible about the properties you're selling and their local areas, you'll be putting yourself in a great position to answer all those questions and move your buyer closer to making that purchase.

Someone that will support them through the process

For many international buyers, the process of property hunting in Spain is a complete unknown fraught with concerns. An agent who genuinely has their best interests at heart and goes out of their way to guide them through the process will be highly valued and easy to recommend to others. To find out more about which parts of the process are particularly worrying to international buyers. Look at our website at service.

What sellers look for in an estate agent

Convince sellers that you will work hard for them and communicate well, and they'll be queuing up to list their properties with you.

Sellers are looking for:

Someone who will do the right thing by them

Make any potential seller feel special and they'll be a step closer to choosing you as their agent. Be positive, interested and complimentary when you first view their property, and demonstrate your knowledge by talking about the types of buyers who will be interested. Give the seller loads of helpful ideas so they can make easy improvements to the property, for example by styling a room more appealingly or making minor repairs.

Someone that communicates well and keeps them up to date

Don't make your sellers chase you for updates. Put a system in place to make sure you provide good quality feedback in a timely fashion after you've conducted viewings. Make sure you include useful action points – things that could be changed or improved for future viewings where possible. If your seller feels you are being open with them they are likely to be more patient, even if the property takes a while to sell.

Someone that will work hard for them

Let the seller see how committed you are to selling their property. Spend time to get the photo´s right and write a good property description. And then work hard to get viewings in the diary. If the seller sees you are doing everything in your power to sell their property they will feel they're getting value for money from you.

Demonstrating these traits is likely to impact directly your bottom line, by bringing more of the best properties onto your books, closing more sales and getting that all important positive feedback that will persuade others to choose you too.

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