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Brilliant Real Estate brings you the stepping plan, house buy in Spain.

9 February 2018

Brilliant Real Estate brings you the stepping plan, house buy in Spain.

Once the choice has been made to buy a house in Spain, it is best to prepare yourself well, after all, business in Spain works something different from what you are used to in your own country.
For a safe and successful purchase of your dream home there is still a lot to do. It is therefore nice to have some grip on exactly which steps are needed. Please note that, in some cases, it is better to outsource matters to an expert. In short, prepare yourself well and seek reliable and expert guidance.

We have listed the 10 most important steps for you.

1. Requesting an NIE document from the Consulate in Spain
2. Determine housing requirements and budget, determine maximum purchase price and region
3. Switching on the expert
4. Open account
5. Select the property
6. Sign a reservation contract
7. Array contract signing
8. Sign a notarial contract
9. Payment of taxes
10. Transfers of water, gas and light

In this newsletter we will highlight the first step in the first step.

o Foreigners can make an appointment for an NIE document online.
To be able to buy a property in Spain you need an NIE document number. Without this number you can actually not much in Spain. In the absence of this document, your dream home could be overlooked. The NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero) can be applied for in your own country at the consulate of Spain or at a police station in the region where you register yourself. It may take some time to apply for an NIE document, so it is wise to apply in time. The temporary NIE that you can apply to the consulate of Spain has a temporary validity of three months.
o Dutch people can make an appointment online via
the website of the Consulate of Spain in Amsterdam
o Belgians can mail or call to
contact details of the Consulate of Spain in Brussels
The process to obtain an NIE may take several weeks, so it is wise to apply for it as soon as possible.

As Brilliant Real Estate, we have a very extensive network of experts who can assist and guide you in requesting a NIE number.
Of course we are happy to advise you in the purchasing process from A to Z.

Your dream house is our passion!

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