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17 January 2018


Calpe is a beautiful coastal town in Alicante, it was a fishing village giving easy access to the motorway and N332 which runs from Valiencia to Alicante and only take 1 hour to get to the airport. Calpe has around 325 sunny days a year, it is also popular with the fact it has the train station. The train station is not a huge one but it does connect up to Benidorm, Denia and once the Teulada train station has completed the work they are doing that will be a brilliant mode of transport at a low cost.

The rock of Ifach is a huge tourist attraction in Calpe, reaching 332m above the sea and it's a very hard rock to climb which we don't recommend to anyone who is unfit, has kids or has a fear of heights. There are no safety features, but when you're at the top there on a clear day, you can see Ibiza.

Calpe also has a Nature Reserve which is a huge pond behind the main streets of Calpe, which houses beautiful Flamencos all year round. It is a perfect space to spend time walking around the pond especially in the winter as its quieter and creates more of an atmosphere.

There is a mixture in cuisine, There is the Mediterranean which includes a lot of fish, veg, oil, and rice to prepare dishes including Paella, but the area is also famous for its homemade pastries, desserts or nougat ice cream which is made with almonds from the local region.

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