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21 November 2017

Moraira is a small upmarket Spanish coastal town, which houses around 10,000 residence and rises to 36,000 in the summer. The people around Moraira are Spanish, British, German, Dutch and French.The history of Moraira is that it was a fishing village, there is a fish market which is highly popular and still has 5 fishing boats still working, however, the region is also known for growing grapes for marking wine. Nowadays Moraira is now built on tourism and property sales which have transformed over the past 30 years. There are restrictions on over developments and high rise buildings which is why it's a popular tourist area. Moraira has its own Marina which was built in 1985.The climate in Moraira is stable Mediterranean with roughly 300 sunny days a year. The mountains around keeps away all strong winds and protects the village from heat waves. In the summer it is hot and during the winter it is mild. The sea temperature in the summer can rise up to 25 degrees also it barely rains during the summer season June- August.Inside the beautiful town, there is everything you want with a mixture of cuisine, white sandy beaches, beach club and a peaceful town. Everything you need for vacations or living out here full time.Some recommendations for places to visit during your stay are:

The castle which is located on the seafront.

Isabellas Bar and Cafe for great food at reasonable price. And many more

Marina beach club located past the port, overlooking the ocean.

Enzo´s which is a fine restaurant in Moraira, catering to everyone's needs and many more

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