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Gareth Davies

20 October 2017

I would like to introduce you to Gareth Davies he is the new Director Investments / Partner. He joined Brilliant Real Estate this year in April. He has helped expand and brighten Brilliant Real Estates name. He works very closely with Banco Popular in Moraira marketing their repossessed properties, also with a wide range of investors.

He has been in real estate since 2012, bringing a vast knowledge and experience to our expanding team. Not only has he got great knowledge of Real Estate, before he moved to Spain 12 Years ago he worked and excelled in Sales and Marketing.

What he enjoys doing in his spare time is socialising and playing darts, He has been with Premium Bar´s darts team for 4 years. He also has a fascination with football, watching it every week, playing it with friends.He is a lovely and kind and honest gentleman and well known in the town of Moraira.

His 4 main business qualities are:

  • 1.Marketing
  • 2.Handling Investments
  • 3.Handling Multi-million euro deals
  • 4.All round team player.

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